New Sermon Series Begins May 29, 2016

This journey we travel along the road of the Christian faith can be difficult, and sometimes, narrow. In all things, we are called and expected to apply the Teachings and Traditions of our faith in every aspect of living, especially as we come together within the Sacred Community called the Church. Sometimes, however we forget

2015 Annual Report for St. Peter’s Now Available

The 2015 Annual Report of St. Peter’s United Church of Christ has just been published. Within it you will learn more about how the mission was realized in 2015 through our various ministries, as well as how that mission and ministry was supported and funded financially.  To review our 2015 Annual report, please click HERE.

St. Peter’s YouTube Channel

Every week, we post our most recent sermon from the 9am worship service for those unable to attend worship or who wish to know more about St. Peter’s.  Sermons are generally posted on Sunday afternoon/evening or by Monday.  You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive emails when new posts have been added. You